How to store a stack in a custom property

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Apr 27 10:22:41 EDT 2009

Hi Judy,

Besides ChatRev, this list is probably the best place to ask "how does  
it work?"

Custom properties are really simple. To start using them, just keep in  
mind that you can store all kinds of (binary) data in custom  
properties. The basics are as simple as when using variables:

set the cProperty of this stack to "this is some data"
put the cProperty of this stack into fld 1

Now, what would you like to do with custom properties?

Best regards,

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On 27 apr 2009, at 05:39, Judy Perry wrote:

> Hey Joe,
> I'm there with you in not understanding it, but unlike you it's NOT  
> because I can do something sophisticated and similar; I'm just  
> clueless!
> But I really want to understand how to do custom properties... do  
> you have any of those tutorial links handy?
> Judy
> The Rev Village Idiot

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