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It doesnt really help much if i know another laguage.  I was an early adopter of the first version of director (i cant remember what it was called then).  I designed a compeating product.  Lingo is an xtalk language.  Like you said, actionscript (used to be called MX) is a syntactic direvitive of C and java.  What matters is getting stuff done.  Which means practical considerations like "what kind of B.S. will be required of me to achieve the desired solution.  Anything (almost) is posible.  What matters is how probable things are.  Cutting way way way back on the probable is any time i am forced to get two applications to work together in real time.  Forget it!  Aint going to happen.  Lets be real here.  Thats why we say, "When all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail".  Or even better, "if you have a hammer but no saw, dont let anyone see what you build."  slient to this conversation is the fact that actionscript feels to me like an extremely awkward hammer.  I am all thumbs.  So the same effort yeilds simpler and more awkward finished projects.  "i am up to my arse in alligators" so to speak.  So it is hard to remember that my goal was "to drain the swamp."  what i drool over isnt specific to C language syntax.  The same graphics capacity could easily be controlled by xtalk commands and functions and attributes.  Nobody has bothered to significantly update xtalk graphics engines for almost 20 years now.  The world marches on without us.  Why?  

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> I drool over flash graphics (and universal web distribution), but my  
> god, who can think in that horible mx language?

If you mean ActionScript, it's not hard once you get over your fears  
of it. By now I'm fluent trilingual, in that I've done 22 years of  
'Talk programming, 14 years of Lingo, and 6 or so years of  
ActionScript (nearly 2 years in ActionScript 3). As a by product of  
doing so much ActionScript, I can probably do useful Javascript too,  
and even can understand roughly what is written in Java. The hardest  
language I've had to try and understand is Objective-C, but even  
though it's alien looking, I understand some of the elements of it  
because of what I know about AS3.

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