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Fri Apr 24 17:11:42 EDT 2009


Thank you, I agree with what you say.  I understand.  When time permits 
I will study that page, which will take some study.  It's nitty gritty 
tech details, a good reference.   I am sure I could figure out what to 
do, and do it, given the time.

But let me say again what I am hoping to find, which is the job already 
done, so to save that time.

By the way, the audience for the email message is 2 people and I know 
exactly what environment they have, so it's not a worry in this 
particular application to be sure there is a text part. But I do 
appreciate your response.

Here goes:

Context:  Sarah has a cool stack where you type in a mail server, and 
recipient a text message and so forth, click a button, and it sends an 
email.  Voila!  Thank you Sarah!

Objective:  modify this stack so you can populate the message body field 
with HTML instead of plain text, and the stack sends an HTML message.

It sounded like Mikey had done that already, and he was advising someone 
else on how to do it.  Has anyone done it?  Can they share?  Maybe it's 
just a matter of changing the content type somewhere in her code, or 
something like that.  Just HTML is fine, no attachments etc.

Thank you in advance,


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> Aloha Sadhunathan,
> You need to put a mime enclosure in the body of the email. This mime
> enclosure will divide your email into a plain text part and an html part, so
> that clients with no html features may display your message. You'll need to
> craft that yourself but it is fairly easy.
> Check this page, it explains things very well
> Always opt for generating multipart messages with both plain text and HTML
> parts, if you just generate HTML, you might not reach all of your desired
> public. Also take notice that the amount of HTML supported by each mail
> client varies a lot.
> Om Shanti
> andre

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