[ANN] Revolution CGI Engine installation tool for On-Rev accounts

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Fri Apr 24 12:22:40 EDT 2009

Hello Again my Friends,

Are you struggling to install the Revolution CGI engine on your On-Rev
account? Can't stand cPanel? Don't know what FTP or CHMOD is? Well, well,
well, your problems are OVER!

With this new handy self contained self distributable self selfish
installer, you'll be able to just load a web page and have everything

Oh yes, it is that easy!!!


Now enough marketing speak. Let me explain what this does.

It first check to see if there's a revolution engine named revolution in
your cgi-bin, if so, it does nothing.

If there's not, then it get a handy compressed file from my account with
revolution engine and database drivers and it unpacks it in your cgi-bin
it also set the correct permissions and put a simple hello world cgi there.

The whole thing is self contained, so once it runs, it generates a zip file
and a tar.gz file of itself so that others can download it too.

Let us spread CGI love!

Now, I allow each of you to click the reinstall option on my server but
please don't keep reinstalling my engine, it uses too much carbon and I want
a green account
Anyway, this installer does not delete anything it only overwrites the file
revolution if it is present and you tell it so.

Be happy!

http://www.andregarzia.com All We Do Is Code.

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