lesson to learn CGIs

-= JB =- sundown at pacifier.com
Thu Apr 23 22:49:28 EDT 2009

I am trying to use Jacques HyperActive Software lesson to learn CGIs  
and the following
statement mentions installing the Rev engine in your cgi folder.

Note to Mac OS X users: If you are using Revolution version 2.7 or  
higher, the actual engine file is located inside the Standalone.app  
application bundle. Control-click on the Standalone.app file and  
choose "Show package contents" from the menu. Inside the package,  
work your way into the folders until you find the Standalone file in  
Contents/MacOS/Standalone. That is the engine file to use.

My problem is I cannot find the Standalone.app application bundle.   
Could someone please
tell me where it is so I can install it.


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