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On Apr 23, 2009, at 3:46 AM, Josep wrote:

> I tryed your example and doesn't work for me. I create a new field  
> text and
> put your code into the datagrid and the focus go to the text field  
> but go
> back to the datagrid. If I click with the right button then work,  
> but not
> detect the new click over other col in the same row if I not change  
> the
> selection row.

Umm, it turns out that I accidentally fixed this somehow in the data  
grid library I'm using. I just reverted to the version that shipped  
with 3.5 and I see the same behavior as you describe. I'm not sure  
what I did but if you email me off-list I can send you and updated  
revdatagridlibrary stack with the fix.

> I don't use the built-in editable capabilities so I need edit only  
> one or
> two cols, and handle the function keys to query database to get  
> codes and
> perform operations for each line when the user fill the data.
> It's posible block many cols and auto calculate other cols versus  
> the values
> of fill data?

I haven't documented all of the fancy things you can do with field  
editing yet but here is some information that will hopefully get you  
started. I will formalize this into proper lessons at some point.

You can control exactly which columns allow editing by modifying the  
default behavior script for columns. See this lesson on overriding the  
default behavior with your own:


After you create your own behavior script according to the directions  
then you can customize the EditValue handler in your behavior script  
to only allow editing of certain columns:

command EditValue
     switch the dgColumn of me
         ## allow editing for these columns only.
         case "col 1"
         case "col 2"
             EditFieldText the long id of me, the dgIndex of me, the  
dgColumn of me
     end switch
end EditValue

> and if the user go back and modify the values, this can be
> recalculated?

EditFieldText takes up to three parameters. The first is the long id  
of the field whose contents will be edited. The second is the index  
(internal data grid index) of the data you want to edit. The third is  
the name of the key you want to edit (in this case the column name).

When the editing field closes the data will automatically be saved to  
the data grid, but not before a 'CloseFieldEditor' message is sent to  
the field that was referenced in parameter 1. If you want to  
recalculate values in other cells when one cell is edited then add a  
handler like this to your data grid group script:

on CloseFieldEditor pFieldEditor
     ## Which column is being edited?
     switch the dgColumn of the target
         case "col 1"
             ## recalculate other columns...
     end switch
end CloseFieldEditor

Quick Tip: If you don't want the data grid to save the new value for  
some reason (e.g. invalid value) then return "cancel" from  

> Can I trap the rawkeycode?

When a call is made to EditFieldText a new editing field is created by  
the data grid and the message 'preOpenFieldEditor' is sent to the  
field that was clicked on. Just write a behavior that has all of the  
rawkeyDown code you need and add this handler to your data grid group  

on preOpenFieldEditor pFieldEditor
     set the behavior of pFieldEditor to the long id of button  
end preOpenFieldEditor

Voila - you have complete control over input. Behaviors really are our  
new best friend.

> Can change the color of the entire line determined by some value in  
> the
> line? For example to show if exist or not stock for this line? But  
> this
> value will used in two cases:
> a) query a database
> b) fill data directly and on the fly changing the color of the line
> I read the datagrid manual and don't see how change the colors. I  
> think that
> maybe is posible perform calculate field via behaviors cols. But I  
> haven't
> clear how do it.

The lesson I link to above shows how to change the background color of  
a cell. Look for the "Example: Coloring Cells" step at the end of the  
lesson. Here is the link again:



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