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jim sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Thu Apr 23 01:32:44 EDT 2009

OS X has the following file that holds information about recent items  
(applications and files)  com.apple.recentitem.plist

An example taken from that .plist file is the following. It refers to  
an image, and what I guess is the path to the icon to that file and  
the pathway to the file itself. At least I hope that is what they are.

If my guess above is correct, can anyone tell me how to convert them  
into text I can use? If they are paths, into a useable path to the file?


<00000000 00c60003 00000000 c42cec16 0000482b 00000000 024cc048  
024cc094 0000c614 517a0000 00000920 fffe0000 00000000 0000ffff  
ffff0001 0010024c c0480002 ed9e0002 ed930000 60b7000e 001a000c  
00730061 006d0070 006c0065 005f0031 002e006a 00700067 000f000a  
0004006d 00610069 006e0012 00385573 6572732f 6a696d73 696d732f  
4465736b 746f702f 64617368 626f6172 64735f52 6f737369 20636f70  
792f7361 6d706c65 5f312e6a 70670013 00012f00 00150002 000effff 0000>

<496d6752 000000d4 00000000 4642494c 000000c8 00000002 00000000  
00000000 00b80003 00000000 c42cec16 0000482b 00000000 00005227  
0007fb39 0000c323 8da20000 00000920 fffe0000 00000000 0000ffff  
ffff0001 00100000 52270000 52220000 52210000 0768000e 00140009  
006a0070 00650067 002e0069 0063006e 0073000f 000a0004 006d0061  
0069006e 00120035 4170706c 69636174 696f6e73 2f507265 76696577  
2e617070 2f436f6e 74656e74 732f5265 736f7572 6365732f 6a706567  
2e69636e 73000013 00012f00 ffff0000>


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