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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Apr 22 14:32:32 EDT 2009

As far as I understand those of us who paid for early-early registration 
for the September conference should
be getting some sort of version of Revolution 4 as part of the package. 
Personally as someone who will be
going "from zero to hero"; meaning jumping from 2.9 to 4 I am extremely 
excited about the whole thing!

Mind you, looking through the wardrobe the other day I found that all my 
kilt socks are full of holes :)

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

Bill Marriott wrote:
> Hi Jim,
>> Just so I understand, using runrev for applications on the web "requires" 
>> us to use the runrev service currently priced at 499.00 for life?
> No. On-Rev and Revolution Studio/Enterprise/Media at this point are 
> completely separate products.
> The "Rev on the Web" you are probably thinking of is scheduled for 
> Revolution 4.0 in September. This will enable you to put your stacks online 
> within a Web page, and it will look and work just like it does on the 
> desktop. It does not require the on-Rev service.
> on-Rev is a new hosting service with next-generation Revolution server 
> scripting built in, plus software which enables you to create, edit, upload, 
> manage, inspect and debug your scripts in real-time. It does not require 
> Revolution.
> If you enjoy using Revolution, you'll probably love on-Rev, though. You'll 
> be able to use the language you know to do just about anything you like with 
> your Web server. Check out the latest revUp newsletter and attend Thursday's 
> seminar for more info.
> Newsletter:
> Webinar:
>> Is there a way to get runrev on the web without using On-rev?
> Yes. Currently, the Web plugin is available for preview and testing by 
> people who have registered for our Developers conference in Edinburgh, Sept 
> 1. That conference is the official kickoff of our new Web technologies and 
> the sessions will be designed around getting the most out of them. It will 
> likely be our biggest and freshest conference to date... lots of new faces 
> and new topics. You can still get 40%+ off registration if you go to
> Conference:
> Once your complete registration you'll be given a username and password to 
> the Web plugin preview site, which has the pre-beta plugin, several 
> examples, and shows you how to use it with your own stacks. 
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