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Wed Apr 22 12:24:21 EDT 2009

current ways to use revolution on the web and by web I mean on a server to
which a client browser connects are:

*Revolution CGI Engine*: FREE, some people find it awkward to install and
setup but once you do it for the first time it is usually always the same. A
good knowledge of Linux (or any unix) is a big plus since installing it
involves settings permissions, users and maybe hunting for shared libraries.

*Upcomming Revolution Web Plugin:* Like Flash, it will allow stacks to run
inside browser windows. This is very cool and opens up some nice
oportunities but the client must install the plugin which in some cases is
not an option.

*On-Rev:* It is a service that bundles a webhosting package with the new
iRev technology that is like PHP allowing you to mix HTML and Revolution
code together (sounds promiscuous but it is not). You still need to know
HTML/CSS and the other web happy acronyms (JS, XML, AJAX...) to make full
use of it.

You can actually mix all the three technologies together, they complement
each other. On-Rev is a nice deal and believe me, although I too use GoDaddy
for registering my domain, I'd never host it with them. There are better
places to host a domain.

Except for mixing HTML and Revolution together in the same file, you can do
a lot of web stuff with the free cgi engine (aka the engine). I've used it
in many high traffic sites and it never failed me.

I hope this helps


On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:43 PM, Jim Schaubeck <jimschaubeck at>wrote:

> Just so I understand, using runrev for applications on the web "requires"
> us to use the runrev service currently priced at 499.00 for life?  I know
> there are ways to do it with CGI's etc (not experienced enough to do
> that...yet).  What I was hoping for (and the reason I upgraded my
> subsription early) was the promise of getting runrev on the web.  After
> purchasing the early upgrade (my fault for not waiting) I learned about
> "On-Rev".  Don't get me wrong...I like RunRev...good stuff...but I use
> GoDaddy as my provider/hoster and also like them.  Is there a way to get
> runrev on the web without using On-rev?  Can someone sent me a link where
> they are doing that?
> As always, thank you folks!!
> Jim...
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