Valentina DB 4.1 Introduces Groundbreaking SQL Feature

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at
Wed Apr 22 08:55:46 EDT 2009

On 4/22/09 1:52 PM, "Brian Yennie" <briany at> wrote:

Hi Brian,

For people who not aware -- Brian Yennie was man, which have push us to
MetaCard, and even better, have help a lots create first Valentina external
for MetaCard. 


> Very interesting and congratulations on this new feature!

Thank you.

> Can you  comment on how it compares to Oracle's "START WITH ... CONNECT BY"?

I see that this form of existed recursive commands is not considered in our


Ivan, I think it needs find some nice example from Oracle with this syntax,
And "convert" it to our syntax.

> That is the only comparable feature I've seen, and of course requires  paying
> a high price for Oracle. Of course now Oracle owns Sun which  owns MySQL, so
> who knows where that will go! Maybe they will want to  acquire Paradigma next
> =).
> - Brian

When Ivan do work on above article, he have check existed solutions for

Interesting observation was that they all try resolve only search DOWN by
hierarchy. You will not find talks or examples about search UP and than more
WIDE by hierarchy.

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