Datagrid SetDataOfIndex Error

Josep jmyepes at
Tue Apr 21 19:04:20 EDT 2009


I'm trying to update one line in a datagrid from a field text, but I get
this error.

The handler: SetDataOfLine has reached the recursion limit of: 400000.
Execution will be terminated to prevent hang.

The code from the field text:

on rawkeydown thekey
   Global t_LineData

   switch thekey
      case 65293
         put fld ftmp into t_LineData["Col 2"]
         send "SetDataOfIndex 1,2,fld ftmp" to group "datagrid"
         pass rawkeydown thekey
   end switch
end rawkeydown 

Global t_LineData is get from the datagrid on selection change, and from the
field text I want to perform some operations over some of the values of the
line selected, modify them and update the line into the datagrid.

What I'm doing wrong? Any idea of how do it better?

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