Subdomains (was: Re: [OT] Opinions about On-Rev)

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Apr 21 05:23:43 EDT 2009


> I get one Main domain name and unlimited Sub domains, so if I sign up with
> I can subsequently create and
> I just want to confirm that Sub domains are added to 
> the
> left - seems important when picking a name.

- Yes, when you buy an on-Rev hosting package, you automatically get 
user at as an email address and as a 
default web site address. I believe you can indeed set up,, etc. if you 

> Can I then create Sub domains of these Add On Domains? Like '
>'? If so, do I need to register these as
> well through GoDaddy or will this simply be something I can do with 'Addon
> Domain Manager' or 'Subdomain Manager' at on-rev?

- When you own a domain [not currently possible to purchase through on-rev 
but soon] you can set up at your registrar to point to the 
on-rev nameservers. You don't have to go back to your registrar for anything 
else, the rest can be managed through the on-Rev control panel, where it is 
considered an "add-on" domain. Specifically,

- You can set up as many subdomains attached to your add-on domains as you 
like. The subdomains can point to a space on your storage area, your home 
computer, or forward to another web server.

- You can integrate your on-Rev service with existing, external sites hosted 
by clients. For example, your client has the domain They can 
set up a subdomain that points to your on-rev server 
(they do what's called adding an A record).

> Will I be able to create multiple email addresses for each Add On Domain 
> and
> any sub domains I create or is this only a feature of the 
> on-rev.comdomains?
> Are the unlimited Mailing Lists for the on-rev domain only or will I be 
> able
> to create a mailing list for Add On Domains?

- You can set up unlimited emails, mailing lists, databases, etc., linked to 
each add-on domain, or the original domain.

> What is the situation with email for these Add On Domains? I see GoDaddy
> provides free email with the Domains you register, but can I move it AND
> control it all from on-rev, ie everything in the one place? Or would it be
> better to leave these with GoDaddy; use GoDaddy's MBs rather than on-rev's
> MBs?

- Yes, when you point the nameservers to on-rev, email for that domain also 
is automatically handled by the on-rev servers, too, unless you specifically 
sex up an "MX record" to direct your email to a different server.

> I understand that Add On domain name annual renewal will still need to be
> handled with GoDaddy, not on-rev? - Scratch that, I see George C Brackett
> posted that on-rev may eventually take up that baton.

- Yes

> A possible use I have for Rev Server Scripting Language, I like to try and
> sync my iCal with my wife's computer when I'm away, but not having a fixed
> IP address it is impossible unless I have her on the phone telling here
> exactly what I need. I'm hoping I could create a Rev Standalone that would
> start up every time she starts her computer and send it's IP + LAN address
> to my on-rev account. Then all I hope to do is access my on-rev account to
> discover what my wife's current full IP address is.

- I do this with my home network. Home PC checks in every couple hours and 
updates the server with my current home IP address.

> Do you think it is possible to have lan.on-rev act as a mini name sever? 
> Any
> request to a particular lan.on-rev page be redirected to the Public or 
> Sites
> folder of my wife's dynamic IP addressed computer?

- Yes you can do this.

> Could this be something
> like a 'HTTP 302 redirect' ? or is this Domain Forwarding & Masking? I
> notice GoDaddy offers Forwarding and Masking but on-rev doesn't mention 
> it.

- There are a variety of ways. The on-rev subdomain manager allows forwards.

> Basically I see I have 4 wants.
> A Rev centric address - would be

- You got it

> A family orientated address - registered through GoDaddy or similar
> A hobby orientated address - registered through GoDaddy or similar

- Yup, have As many as you like

> A Private address - somehow use one of the above to discover and
> point/redirect to a computer connected at home to a dynamic IP Address.

- The dynamic part of this is a little tricky, but I have it set up this way 
for one of my domains where points to my home network.

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