[OT] Opinions about On-Rev

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Apr 21 04:02:49 EDT 2009

Perhaps this will make it easier to understand. When you first sign-up to
on-rev you'll have to specify a sub-domain you want. Say you use the
subdomain "kaylan" so your domain access for accessing your server will
looklike kaylan.on-rev.com. That's the only subdomain you'll have for the
on-rev.com domain. But frankly, that's ok as it's a private subdomain you'll
probably only use for testing and administrating your account.

What you reall want to do is move existing domains over to the
on-rev.comcontrol panel. You do this by telling the registrar where
your purchased
your domain to point the domain's dns servers to those specified by on-rev.

Now, say you want to create a biz site and you have already purchased the
domain "kaylan.com", so you'll need to tell your GoDaddy account to use
rev's dns servers to manage your "kaylan.com" domain. This can take up to 48
hours to propogate dns changes through the entire iternet.

Then, at your on-rev account, there are controls so you can setup multiple
subdomains for kaylan.com as well as any other domains you've pointed their
dns records to. Each of those subdomains can point to a separate folder at
your on-rev account.

Using CNAMEs, you can create all sorts of subdomains for kaylan.com such as:
www.kaylan.com and blog.kaylan.com and labs.kaylan.com and shop.kaylan.com

And you can do the same for all your domains you point to their servers.

HTH, Chipp

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