hilite 'sticking' in certain option menus and fields

Martin Blackman martinblackman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 09:59:49 EDT 2009

Thanks Francis, setting the 'focusable' property ie traversalon to
true makes the button retain its hilite after selecting which is
probably expected behaviour.
But it doesn't explain the first problem with the popup, I may bugzilla that.

2009/4/20 Francis Nugent Dixon <effendi at wanadoo.fr>:
>  Hi from Paris,
> Martin, When you create your button by script, examine
> the "Focus" and the "Show Focus" options which may be
> selected. When you create a standard button with the IDE,
> these options are not selected, unless you create a "Default"
> button (hilited in blue). I haven't time to experiment,
> so this is a wild guess .....
> -Francis
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