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i have already moved a domain to on-rev and left email on the old mailserver.

You have to do the following.

1.Ask your ISP/Registrar to change nameserver for your domain to ns1.on-rev. and ns2.on-rev.
2. After nameserver change, add your domain to on-rev
3. Send an email to support at or on-rev at and ask them to change the mx records
   of your domain. So they point to your old mailserver.

That´s it.

Hope this helps.


Matthias Rebbe

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> Jim Lambert wrote:
> > Switching the DNS setting so that a site can live on different servers
> > is straightforward.
> > But what happens with mailservers if I want to move a domain that also
> > has email from one ISP to another? Say, to on-rev?
> > 
> > Jim Lambert
> > 
> on-rev hosting includes mail hosting of course, and it would be fine for
> many purposes.
> But it might be a problem if you want to host a domain's website at
> on-rev, while hosting email elsewhere (perhaps because there is an
> established in-house mail server for instance).
> on-rev uses cpanel to control your hosted domains, and while I've only
> had a couple of days to look it over and I'm not yet familiar with it,
> it seems to insist that you delegate the nameservers to on-rev before it
> will let you add a domain, but at the same time it allows no access to
> individual DNS records for the domain. So if you were used to a set-up
> where web hosting and mail hosting are run in separate places (as you
> seem to be asking about), by controlling the individual DNS records
> yourself, it might not be feasible to use on-rev, although you could ask
> "the management" to make an exception for you probably.
> I hope to be corrected if anyone knows better.
> However, if you were happy to move both web and mail hosting to on-rev,
> you should be able to do that, providing you don't mind setting it up
> from scratch, and you don't have any configuration which isn't supported
> by the cpanel setup.
> There is also, as far as I can tell, no way to give a customer access to
> manage their own email. That's fine for some customers, but I have
> several customers who wouldn't accept that situation as they have quite
> frequent email changes to numerous addresses. Also, to be honest, I
> personally have better things to do with my time than manage their email
> forwarding and autoresponders and so on for them on a daily basis.
> Martin Baxter
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