Re-2: [OT] on-rev urls

runrev260805 at runrev260805 at
Sat Apr 18 17:10:37 EDT 2009

Hi Colin,

i have already moved 2 domains to on-rev. More will follow.

On was registered at Godaddy. For that domain i just changed which nameservers are responsible for that domain. So i entered ns1.on-rev and ns2.on-rev.

The other domain was registered at a german ISP. So therefore i had to ask my ISP to change this settings for me.

Both domains now are available directly accessible without seeing urls like

> I have two domains, and both are now set for not forwarding, and with  
> the nameservers the same. Everything at godaddy and on-rev are the  
> same settings for both urls, but one keeps the url, and the other  
> changes it to the on-rev version.

That is strange and not typically. One think  what i could imagine is the following. Nameserverchanges could take up to 24 - 48 hrs until all nameservers get that information worldwide. So maybe it take a while, until the correct setting is available for all nameservers.

You can try the following to see, if the nameservers of on-rev work correct for your domain.

In you networksetting of your pc/mac change the dns/nameserver settings to and These are the on-rev nameservers. Then try to connect your domain with your browser. Does the url change?



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