[OT] Opinions about On-Rev

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 19:41:56 EDT 2009

About Dreamhost and On-Rev, in case
someone's wavering between the two.

Rev-cgi work is an important element of
my business. And I have been relying for
2 - 3 years now on Dreamhost (and another
webhost before that). However I have
decided to switch to On-Rev. In part
because of the price, but mostly because
On-Rev is run by the Rev people.

Not that the Dreamhost people aren't helpful,
or their uptime isn't reliable.  And setting up
things for Rev-cgi was as simple as other
Rev-users on Dreamhost had said.

However, problems between the Rev engine
and the Dreamhost server machines do happen.
And when they do, communicating the problem
to Dreamhost staff is difficult, no matter how good
their intentions.

Case in point, just last month, when, after
my account with Dreamhost was moved to
a new server, my Rev-cgi suddenly stopped
working. A missing Apache library it turned out.
But I only learnt that, as well as the workaround
solution, not through Dreamhost staff but rather
from the generous help of people on the Rev
mailing list.  A very loooong four days, those were!

Nicolas Cueto

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