[OT] Opinions about On-Rev

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Fri Apr 17 15:56:42 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have found this whole subject so far over my head that I'm  
embarrassed. Can anyone sight some sort of reference that just "might"  
get me off of my desktop. I am soooo uneducated on this topic. Simply  
stated, what's this for, why is it needed and what does it let us do  
that we can do now? There MUST be others who are just as much in the  


Joe Wilkins

On Apr 17, 2009, at 11:59 AM, runrev260805 at m-r-d.de wrote:

> Hi,
> i was considering about extending my web package here at a german  
> isp,  just before the On-Rev offer jumped in.
> At the moment i am paying 130,--Euros for a 5GB Hosting Package with  
> unlimited Subdomains, 1000 Domains (yearly domain fees not included), 
> 100 FTP-Accounts, 1000 Pop3 Accounts, 100 MySQL DB without  
> possibility to use Rev as a cgi, because of security concerns of my  
> isp.
> So for me the On-Rev offer is a big deal even if i would not use the  
> rev things. But of course i will use it. ;)
> I already moved 2 Domains to On-Rev - more will follow.
> Btw.: Problems with moving a .de Domain to On-Rev due to  
> restrictions of Denic (responsible for .de domains)or special mx  
> entries in the on-rev nameserver were solved very fast. Thanks  
> Heather!
> All the best,
> Matthias

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