AW: How to make an app accessible for all users on Mac?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Apr 17 05:16:37 EDT 2009

Hello Kay,
that really sounds almost the same as Peters case, but seems not to be. I
run the check and the repair permissions, but my app wasn't even listed.
I build my standalone on Win, and took it from the network onto my Mac,
where I created a DMG. So no zip is involved.
But it must be a permission thing, because with my admin user it runs fine,
it just doesn't launches with a standard user, though I now put a "system"
user as the owner and gave read-write to everyone.
Any other idea?

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> > Hi Jacqueline,
> > there was no user "system", so I created it and set it to the owner of
> my
> > app. But without result. When starting my app with another standard
> user,
> > the icon zooms for a moment and then nothing happens, no launch.
> > Any other idea?
> >
> Have you tried Repairing Permissions?
> HD/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
> Start it up, select the HD and click the Repair Disk Permissions button.
> It
> may take a while (10 min or more depending on how many GB of data you have
> and how long it's been since it's been run.) After it is finished, review
> the output to see if your application was named as needing repair. If it
> was, it's probably worth while running the repair again to confirm it
> doesn't come up again.
> For reference, this sounds very much like a problem Peter Brigham suffered
> with his Gutenberg Reader stack back at the end of Feb. If you have the
> facilities to search the List archives I suggest you take a look - search
> Gutenberg Reader. After some 20 posts Sarah Reichalt provided the
> solution;
> seems the standalone had been made on Win and turned into a ZIP file, then
> sent to Macs. This created the odd permissions error. Sarah suggested
> turning the standalone into a DMG file for Mac users. Once this was done
> it
> solved the permissions errors a few Mac users were experiencing.
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