Rev 3.5 Dictionary--User contributed notes!

Terry Judd tsj at
Thu Apr 16 18:49:34 EDT 2009

On 17/04/09 3:42 AM, "Mark Wieder" <mwieder at> wrote:

> Richard-
> I'm with Andre on this. I appreciate your comments about the need for
> moderation, but the docs are at least as much a controlled environment
> as this list.
I agree, and I prefer Andre's model to the 'selected users as moderators'
model put forward by Devin. Surely that very small percentage of 'suspect'
posts could be scanned for offensive content and temporarily quarantined
using some automated process.
> And Andre's comment about the need to have bug links is also very much
> to the point. When I open the documentation I'd like to know if there
> are things that just aren't going to work or if there are gotchas I
> need to know about. It would save me much time as a developer and
> would make the docs a one-stop shopping point for information. Kind of
> like rolling the docs and bugzilla and a wiki all into one.

Perhaps just a simple link to the QA centre with the number of relevant bugs
in brackets alongside it.


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