Controlling PowerPoint From Within Runtime Revolution

Mark Stuart mstuart at
Thu Apr 16 16:33:28 EDT 2009

Hi John,

I just built a stack to try what you are doing.

I also downloaded and installed MS Powerpoint Viewer.


I put a field on the stack with the name "Filename".

In a button, I used the following script to open the powerpoint file
using the viewer.



on mouseUp

   if fld "Filename" is not empty then

      put fld "Filename" into thePPS

      launch thePPS with "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\PowerPoint


      answer "no file selected"

   end if

end mouseUp



In the field I typed: "C:\temp\MyPresentation.pps".

This file I created in MS Powerpoint, saving it as a "pps" file type.


It launched the power point. I ran the slide show. 

It quit and the focus returned to where I launched it, the RunRev


Where ever you launch the slide show from, the focus should return to
its originating place.

Unless of course, the user goes to another opened application. Then the
focus may not return.


HTH you,

Mark Stuart

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