Controlling PowerPoint From Within Runtime Revolution

John Miller johnmiller1950 at
Thu Apr 16 15:46:22 EDT 2009

Hey Guys,

I've enjoyed reading all your comments about Open Office, Neo Office,  
and Google Docs.  It may be that I can use this info later.  However,  
for the moment, I wonder if I can rein this discussion in and focus  
on the problem at hand.

My software is a church projection software package that handles many  
different kinds of media. My end users are happy with PowerPoint and  
want to use what they have created inside my application (transitions  
and all).

My question is this - Does anyone know how to hand control back to RR  
after the PowerPoint presentation is over.  I want this to be as  
seamless as possible so my users don't have to jostle back and forth  
between two programs.

Thanks for your help.  You're all great!!

John Miller

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