Rev 3.5 Dictionary--User contributed notes!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 16 15:21:54 EDT 2009

Devin wrote:
> In the case of Dictionary comments, there could be a third way. What  
> if Rev allowed volunteers in the developer community to get "checked- 
> out" in evaluating the quality of submissions. Once qualified, these  
> volunteer editors could simply review submissions as they popped up,  
> evaluate them on the spot according to RunRev's guidelines, and  
> approve them. Result: time burden off the engineering team, high- 
> quality comments ensured. I wouldn't mind spending a few minutes a day  
> checking submissions. I know there are experienced folks here who,  
> based on the quality of there contributions to the list, could do an  
> excellent job in this role.

Excellent idea! Truly best of both worlds, since it helps expedite 
approvals without requiring additional resources at RunRev.

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