On-Rev: We've listened

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Thu Apr 16 12:24:09 EDT 2009


> A quick question, Kevin--one that may well demonstrate how much of a 
> neophyte I am when it comes to server apps--if so, sorry.  What  happens 
> when the server app goes beta or even live?  Will we founding  members 
> still be able to use it?  Will use of it depend on renewing  our Rev 
> subscription?  Or will it be a totally separate subscription?

Founders get the on-Rev hosting and on-Rev Server Scripting features for 
life. They are getting the alpha version now -- which is very usable -- and 
of course later pre-release and production versions. They will also have the 
chance to be the first in line for the other news stuff we're building.

People with on-Rev in other words will always have the latest and greatest 
toys ahead of everyone else. While some components of the on-Rev technology 
will be making its way into other editions of our server engine, some things 
will only be possible for on-Rev users, because we have complete control 
over the entire server environment.

There is nothing to renew and your on-Rev hosting account is totally 
separate from your desktop license. You do not need one to use the other. 
The one-time $499 "Founders" initiation fee is the only thing you pay... 
then you get the hosting service with on-Rev scripting technologies for 

- Bill 

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