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Trevor DeVore trevor at mangomultimedia.com
Wed Apr 15 13:06:29 EDT 2009

On Apr 15, 2009, at 12:27 PM, Sadhu Nadesan wrote:

> Resend - it appears this post never made it to the list?  trying again

Perhaps there was an issue because your original email had HTML?

> Your help is requested once more .. I'm stuck.  I've been trying to
> find a way to apply color to a single cell (or even to one line) of
> a data grid, with your example and every other combination or syntax
> variation or other thing I can think of, no luck so far.
> Can you supply a line of code to replace the one setting the  
> background
> color below? (the rest of the code works).

If you are using the default template and overriding the 'default  
column behavior' with your own script then your column consists of a  
single field. In your FillInData handler for the column you could try  
setting the backgroundColor of me to "red" and the opaque to true. If  
there isn't an error than set the opaque to false.

If you customized the column template using the Property Inspector  
then your column consists of a group with a single field in it. In  
this case just target 'field 1 of me' rather than 'me'.

Does that work?


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