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On Apr 15, 2009, at 12:35 PM, Ian McKnight wrote:

> ...
> Is this the correct way to create a table view of data held in an
> array? Is the first method I tried specifically for tab delimited
> lists?

Hi Ian,

When you set the dgData of a data grid table, the data grid will look  
for a column name that matches the name of each key in the array you  
assign, titleArray in your case. If you have a column that matches  
then the data grid will try to draw the data in your array.

By default the data grid assumes the value of the column is text and a  
cell with a field will be created for displaying the text. You only  
need to customize the column behavior if you want to display data of  
another type.

> And finally I was able to modify the table view by accessing the
> template view of the individual column, which contains a group instead
> of a field (as in the FORM layout),  and replacing the field in this
> group with a list field. All works perfectly. But how can I put an
> image into a column? When I modify the column template to include a
> image, the image will not display. I'm trying to take advantage of the
> TABLE's sorting facility.

Does the name of the key in your array that stores the image have a  
matching column name? If so, what does your code look like that is  
trying to load the image into the column?

I will also mention that you can sort forms as well, you just don't  
get the prefab headers. I don't think I've added it to the docs yet  
but the call is:

SortDataByKey pKey, pType, pDirection, pCaseSensitive

pKey is the key in your array to sort by.
pType and pDirection are same as options in Revolution sort.
pCaseSensitive should be self explanatory.


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