AW: OT: How to make an app accessible for all users on Mac?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Apr 15 05:59:16 EDT 2009

I still can't get my app to run for everyone.
I put my folder with my apps into the general application folder. By default
my folder had only read permission for everyone, so I changed the
permissions to read and write and inherited it to all apps in my folder.
Now, when I log on with a "standard" user and double click one of my apps it
seems for a moment, as if the app window wants to open (a short zoom of the
app icon happens), but then nothing happens anymore, no window opens, no
error message, just nothing. Also the window menu doesn't shows any open
What am I missing?
Any help appreciated

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> Betreff: Re: OT: How to make an app accessible for all users on Mac?
> > I am missing some basics of Mac handling. When copying my app folder
> > (including several apps) out of a DMG from CD into the program folder on
> HD
> > as an Admin, only the Admin can "see" and start my app. Every other user
> > doesn't see my app folder.
> >
> > What do I have to do, that my app is accessibly for every user? Can the
> > Admin set any permissions on my folder, so that it is accessible for
> > everyone? If yes, where and which rights?
> On a Mac, there is a general Applications folder at the root level of
> the hard drive.
> Each user can also have their own Applications folder.
> A user's Applications folder is not accessible to other users, so it
> sounds as if the installation has been done into the user's folder,
> not the general Apps folder.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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