Inheritance and Custom Properties

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Wed Apr 15 05:22:47 EDT 2009

Yup, it's Richmond, 2-3 years behind the times :)

Well, to be honest, I've never really had the need of custom properties

Reading the EXCELLENT RevolutionUsersGuide.pdf (and, by EXCELLENT, I mean
far better in many respects than the online Documentation) I find that
whether a property is inherited or not depends on mysterious decisions
taken 'on high', err, well, Edinburgh; or, decisions taken along time
ago by the oft-reviled Scott Rossi in MetaCard days.

I know that heritable properties can be over-ridden;

What is unclear to me is if properties that are not normally inherited
can be set to be inherited.


Now, I have started to learn about custom properties, not through any
real need for them, as all I need for the goofy content delivery programs
for my school I already know, but for intellectual stimulus (a bit short
of that teaching kids EFL).

So, I set up a stack with a card called 'WUN' and 
a button called 'CusProp';

and typed this into the Message box:

 set the porkNbeans of btn "CusProp" to 547

all very straightforward; and when I open the properties editor I can see
the custom property 'porkNbeans' quite clearly.

Decided to be clever and typed this into the Message box:

set the custardTart of card "WUN" to 99

same as the button: worked like a charm.

The made a field. and put this in the button 'CusProp':

on mouseUp
  put "the porkNbeans of btn" && quote & "CusProp" & quote && "is" && the porkNbeans of me into line 1 of fld "Props"
  put "the custardTart of btn" && quote & "CusProp" & quote && "is" && the custardTart of me into line 2 of fld "Props"
  put " " into line 3 of fld "Props"
  put "the custardTart of card" && quote & "WUN" & quote && "is" && the custardTart of card "WUN" into line 4 of fld "Props"
end mouseUp

and found that 'custardTart' of btn 'CusProp' is empty
(meaning it does not have a custom property 'custardTart')

so learnt that custom properties are not inherited (or, at least not


Is it possible to set up custom properties so that they can be inherited?


sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.


A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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