libUrlFtpUploadFile - reuse open sockets?

Phil Davis revdev at
Tue Apr 14 23:41:09 EDT 2009

Thanks Sarah.

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> While using libUrlFtpUploadFile to upload a bunch of files to a server, I
>> find that libUrlFtpUploadFile opens a new socket for each upload. Even using
>> a callback message to start a new one when the current one finishes, I get a
>> "max number of connections" message back from the server when the server's
>> max number is reached. After this, the next few upload attempts fail due to
>> max number of connections; then as the open connections time out, new files
>> can successfully upload again.
> I had this problem with a particular server. I always get the new
> connection with every command, but not all servers mind this.
> My solution was to use libURLSetFTPStopTime and set it to a very small
> number. This supposedly allows re-use of an existing connection, but
> in my experience all it does it keep one open while still opening
> another. If you set it to a very low number, then connections will
> close more rapidly, so you should not reach the maximum number of
> connections allowed.
> HTH,
> Sarah
Phil Davis

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