Datagrid question

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Tue Apr 14 14:40:26 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

OK I downloaded the newest Mac version of Studio and I'm excited about the 
new datagrid feature. I can see many places to use them, but I can't figure 
out how to address the contents or load a grid.

Up until now I've used several scrolling fields to hold data. For 
simplicity sake call the first field "Years" it contains 2009 and the second line 
2008. The second field contains "Amounts" with the first line being "2970.12" 
and the second line "3099.62"

How do I transfer that existing data into a new datagrid? I really 
appreciate any advice the group tells me. Many times I don't know how I'd manage 
without the availability of the help you give.

Thanks in advance.

Joe in Orlando

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