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Tue Apr 14 13:22:09 EDT 2009

Hi Stephen,

Send me an e-mail off-list and I'll see how I can help you.

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On 14 apr 2009, at 19:17, stephen barncard wrote:

> I'm adding an obfuscated password field per Trevor's screenstep.
> However the only passwords font I could find, password.ttf, is a  
> windows
> truetype (I thought truetype was an invention to make fonts more
> accessible..)
> It looks right in FontBook but using it with a rev field changes the
> existing text to what appears to be Chinese. In the contents pane of  
> the
> object inspector, the text can be changed, when then appear as the  
> desired
> dots. Upon attempting to edit the field, rev crashes.
> Could someone kindly point me to some open source password font for  
> mac?
> thanks
> sqb

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