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Tue Apr 14 04:29:19 EDT 2009

On 4/14/09, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:
> LOL! I'm sure you could find almost anything you want in our basement.

You have a basement full of hardware! Now I am jealous. But I'm
wondering was that a sexist innuendo with regard 'you could find', is
that because I'm a male. My wife can't find anything and we don't have
a basement, we don't even have a garage, the best we can do is a Harry
Potteresque cupboard under the stairs, yet my wife always complains
she can't find the hammer when some screws fallen off the washing
machine. (I think I may have taught her that most repairs can be
performed with a hammer)
> Him: Hey look, carriage bolts are on sale.
> Me: We don't need carriage bolts.
> Him: Yeah, but we might someday. And these are on sale.
> Me: It would be worth the 50-cent savings not to have to get rid of them
> when you die.
> Him: Maybe I should get two.
> Me: Fine. I'll be over in the Outdoor Furniture section. There's a sale
> on patio umbrellas. I'll pick one up in case we ever buy a patio table.
Sounds familiar:
Her: Hey look, jack-hammers.
Me: So?
Her: I could buy you one for our anniversary.
Me: What?
Her: Yeah, then you could renovate the roof.
Me: We just managed to pay off the last renovation, we can't afford to
do the roof!
Her: We could if you do it...yeah, I could buy you a jack-hammer for
our anniversary.
Me: How would you like an Iron and Ironing Board for our anniversary?
Her: The one I have is a bit tatty but it works fine, thank you.
Me: The roofs a bit tatty but it works fine, thank you.

As far as I can tell the difference between men and women is that
women see the joy a beautiful hickory handled Vaughan-Bushnell 12 oz
ball-peen hammer, a Stanley Bedrock 602C bench plane or a Spear &
Jackson No 5 shovel brings a man and summizes that the Ying and Yang
must be balanced therefore the man should be actively attached to it
from sunrise to sunset, making something useful, until his hands bleed
and his back is broken. For a man, tools are a form of charity.
Pristinely kept 'at the ready' for the day a neighbour knocks on the
door and asks; "do you have a half-ball and svetzer valve puller, my
reverse sludge pumps aren't balanced" at which point the said object
of desire is handed over - never to be seen again;-)

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