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>>> And what about all those husbands who couldn't extract themselves  
>>> from a
>>> hardware store if it were on fire?
>> Sorry, is there a fire sale at a hardware store somewhere????

In my house there are a couple of unwritten rules:

Wife will not accompany husband to the hardware store.

Husband will not accompany wife to the furniture store.

Spouses will not take cash or credit cards to said stores when  

Happily married for 31 years. Still don't have a table saw.

> LOL! I'm sure you could find almost anything you want in our basement.
> Commonly, things go like this:
> Him: Hey look, carriage bolts are on sale.
> Me: We don't need carriage bolts.
> Him: Yeah, but we might someday. And these are on sale.
> Me: It would be worth the 50-cent savings not to have to get rid of  
> them
> when you die.
> Him: Maybe I should get two.
> Me: Fine. I'll be over in the Outdoor Furniture section. There's a  
> sale
> on patio umbrellas. I'll pick one up in case we ever buy a patio  
> table.

Hey, I just needed a carriage bolt the other day! Could you have him  
mail me one?

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