Can Rev turn text to speech and record it?

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Sun Apr 12 07:18:01 EDT 2009


It couldn't be too soon (for me) for that tech-savvy younger generation 
to take over this sector. But right now, there are large parts of it 
that are still operating as if it was 30 years ago.

Here's one recent encounter I had with a customer of one of my other 
golf software products. This fellow ordered my software online and 
couldn't get it working. We went back and forth via email, trying to 
sort out the problem. Nothing he was saying made sense to me; and 
nothing I said seemed to work for him. He simply kept saying it wouldn't 

He finally explained that he was clicking the download link at my web 
site, watched the software download, but nothing happened after that. 
Turns out, he had no idea where anything goes after he downloads 
something from his browser! He said to me, "I have this problem a lot. I 
download various programs, but none of them ever work!"

By the time I was done with him, he discovered where they all were. In 
all fairness, though, he did explain at the outset that he was a rather 
elderly golf pro and "didn't really understand computers very well."

There are more of these folks out there than one might think. And 
Windows doesn't make it any easier for them. Now if there were only 
Mac's in the world...

Richard Miller

Kay C Lan wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 9:08 PM, Richard Miller <wow at> wrote:
>> The focus of this is on taking golf reservations.
> Ah, the penny drops, and the memories coming flooding back. Spent most of my
> childhood, 5-12, working weekends and school holidays with my Grandpa at a
> Golf Pro Shop. Retrieved enough 'discarded or damaged in frustration' clubs
> from water hazards and trees that I had my own custom shortened set by the
> time I was six. Overdosed by the time I was 12 ;-(
>> That information is then written onto a tee sheet. That's how they do their
>> business. SMS texting is possible, but again would fall outside of the way
>> these folks do business.
> Well just had a look at these two:
> Seems like the tech savvy younger 'Tiger' generation are taking over. My
> prediction is it won't be long before the next 'feature' to your app will be
> the ability to, having made the Tee Off reservation at the club, interface
> with and register the course,player and Tee Off time.
> Players will then enter the Wifi hot-spot at the Pro Shop, log into oobgolf,
> select the course, the Tee Off time and have not only theirs, but the other
> players handicap details all ready to download as a smartSCORECARD ;-)
> Hate for you to sort one problem out and not have another to deal with ;-)))
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