Can Rev turn text to speech and record it?

viktoras d. viktoras at
Sat Apr 11 05:26:06 EDT 2009

just one more idea concerning work flow optimization, 'cause now it 
looks like the vendor wants to be enslaved by machine. What if not the 
server calls the vendor, but the vendor calls the server and listens for 
a report ? I still can not imagine the vendor (if suddenly something 
goes wrong ) being forced to respond to tons of calls per day until the 
problem gets finally fixed. He should be busy with communicating to 
people not the machine. What if the vendor fails to write down an 
important number, how can he get it repeated ? Will the vendor be able 
to respond to midnight calls (e.g. 4.00 AM) and write down everything 
correctly? If the vendor does not respond will server be able to stop 
calling? Will the stopped calling event be postponed or lost?

But if the vendor calls the server a few times per day as he wishes, and 
listens to a report, the situation becomes more humane.

All the best an happy Easter !

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