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Fri Apr 10 00:00:31 EDT 2009

On Apr 9, 2009, at 4:29 PM, mfstuart wrote:

> I just got v3.50 installed, registered, working, and now seeing the  
> Data
> Grid work in a quick example I built.
> WOW!
> I typed some scripts that connected to MSSQL thru ODBC, and loaded  
> the data
> right into the Data Grid group control. Awesome! :)

I just updated the lesson that talks about displaying large amounts of  
data in a data grid. The introduction now links to a stack that  
displays 50,000 movies from a SQLite database. The data grid fetches  
the data from an open SQLite cursor as needed rather than converting  
all of the records. This makes it pretty fast.


> I can't wait to really dig in and see what this is capable of.
> Any chance that folks could start to build stack examples using the  
> Data
> Grid and uploading them to RevOnline?
> What all can it do? How many ways can the grid display data?

I would say that the data grid can display data in a plethora of ways.  
Here is a link to the examples lesson that shows a couple of  
screenshots of the data grid:


I recently used it to create a download window like Firefox and Safari  
have too. The thing about data grid forms is that you can customize  
the look however you would like because each row in the form is just a  
group with your custom layout.

> Can it display true tree node structures in it?

No. The data grid does not currently support hierarchal structures. If  
people would like to see this they should file an enhancement request  
in RQCC.


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