non-jagged window?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Apr 9 23:15:04 EDT 2009

Recently, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> I've figured out how to custom shape
> a stack window, and how to enable
> that stack to be moved without a
> control bar.
> But, I guess because the shape I'm
> using has a round edge, that edge
> looks very jagged. The image used
> for the window shape, however, has
> a nice looking smooth edge.
> How can I give my non-rectangular
> custon shape stack a smooth
> (non-dithered?) look?

Did you use a GIF for your custom window shape?  You need to use a PNG image
that is antialiased (smoothed) around the round edge you mention.  If you
are given options in what format to save your image, you want 24 (or 32)
bit, not 8 bit.


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