Revolution 3.5 launched

Devin Asay devin_asay at
Thu Apr 9 17:10:44 EDT 2009

On Apr 9, 2009, at 2:29 PM, mfstuart wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just got v3.50 installed, registered, working, and now seeing the  
> Data
> Grid work in a quick example I built.
> WOW!
> I typed some scripts that connected to MSSQL thru ODBC, and loaded  
> the data
> right into the Data Grid group control. Awesome! :)
> I've been waiting 3 years for this new control, and now I can show off
> RunRev as a true developers tool - not that it wasn't before. But  
> this takes
> it up to several levels higher.
> I can't wait to really dig in and see what this is capable of.
> Any chance that folks could start to build stack examples using the  
> Data
> Grid and uploading them to RevOnline?
> What all can it do? How many ways can the grid display data?
> Can it display true tree node structures in it?


Ben Beaumont has uploaded a very nice Data Grids Tour stack to Rev  
Online. It should have lots of examples, plus step by step instructions.


Devin Asay
Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
Brigham Young University

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