Generating a phone call from Rev

Richard Miller wow at
Thu Apr 9 08:23:52 EDT 2009


This company you pointed to ( looks like it might 
have a decent solution. It's more expensive than Skype, but not too bad 
at 10 cents per call. Their XML solution should work in Rev on a Mac 
server. But I would like to get the Skype solution working if possible.

In my particular situation, I need to have my Rev application send a 
phone call. It can't be SMS. My vendors handle all orders either in 
person or by phone. The computer (if they have one!), is usually not 
near the order desk. Their business is mostly done by phone (and not a 
cell phone). What I am doing is working on a way to allow them to get 
orders through the internet, but not have to change the way they 
typically record these orders (which is still by pencil and paper).


> And because Sarah, you're in Oz, you can use smsPup:
> Which only leaves sending SMS from Rev, which again can be done with
> AppleScript:
> So back to Richard's original problem, if the 'client' isn't at his computer
> then he probably isn't at his phone (which is next to the computer) either.
> If he has a mobile phone then using AppleScript to SMS is probably a cheaper
> option and provides the added benefit of a 'hard copy'. I can't imagine
> anything worse than trying to scramble for pen and paper whilst receiving a
> voice message saying, "We have recived your order for part No: AXZS-564332,
> part No AXXD-02594023,...";-( Having an SMS that I can cross-check when I
> get back to my computer seems like a nice alternative.
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