Update - Generating a phone call from Rev

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Thu Apr 9 07:32:43 EDT 2009

I've been working with Skype and Applescript to address this issue. 
Here's what I'm doing so far (which is close to working, but not quite 

tell application "Skype"
set theScript to "My script"
set theStartingTime to current date
send command "CALL echo123" script name theScript --replace echo123 with 
another phone number
set theCallID to the second word of the result
set myResult to "OK"
set theStatus to "nothing"
repeat until (((current date) - theStartingTime) > 60) or (theStatus is 
equal to "FINISHED")
  set theCommand to "GET CALL " & theCallID & " STATUS"
  send command theCommand script name theScript
  set theStatus to the last word of the result
  display dialog the result giving up after 1
  if theStatus is equal to "INPROGRESS" then
      set theCommand to "ALTER CALL " & theCallID & " SET_INPUT file=" & 
quote & "test.wav" & quote
      send command theCommand script name theScript
  end if
end repeat
end tell

There is a link to a wav file that someone (perhaps with Skype) has 
identified as being a correctly-formatted one. It is here:


I've used that file in my testing.

What is happening is that the call is initiated fine, then the wav file 
does (apparently) start to play. But I only hear loud static. If I 
change the location of the file in the script to be somewhere incorrect, 
I hear quiet when the call comes in. So this tells me the wav file is 
definitely being engaged and is actually playing through the call. But 
for whatever reason, it is just static. I've been putting the wave file 
right on the root of my hard drive so that I can designate its location 
as simply "test.wav" with no more complicated path than that.

I have tried (very carefully) creating my own wav file to Skype's 
format:  16 Khz/16 bit/mono/PCM
This gave me the same result: loud static.

Any thoughts?

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