Generating a phone call from Rev

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Tue Apr 7 23:47:31 EDT 2009

> You didn't mention which platform, but if they are on Mac you can use Skype
> and AppleScript. Obviously as they will be calling a land line they'd need
> credit in a Skype account - but IMO any company these days that doesn't have
> a Skype Acct must be the local blacksmith ;-)
> Here's a hint:
> Skype could cover Sarah's suggested SMS and Call options, whilst Rev would
> do the Sound and Emails.

I have only had a quick look at Skype, but can you program it to speak
or read a file down the phone?
That's what I use Ovolab Phlink for, but if Skype could do it instead,
I would be interested to test it out, although I guess I would still
need to get a modem for my computer.


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