bad interaction between "random" and "word"?

Mick Collins mickclns at
Tue Apr 7 13:48:59 EDT 2009

Thanks, Michael,
Bernard Devlin also replied with your post from nabble.  I don't have  
much time and since I have a workaround, similar to yours (putting  
the random number into a var before putting it into an array (or, in  
my case, a word) ), I will decline on the bug report.
    -  Mick

> Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 08:51:13 +1000
> From: Michael Lew <michaell at>
> Subject: Re: bad interaction between "random" and "word"?

> Mick
> I too have been playing with random numbers (I do lots of statistical
> programming with Rev, so random(0 is one of my tools).
> Your problem sound a very much like it relates to a similar issue  
> that I
> came across with random() and arrays a few days ago (quoted below).
> I'm pretty sure now that it represents a bug -- a very scary one too,
> because it would be completely invisible in many circumstances. Do  
> you want
> to post a bug report?
> Mike
> My post: <snip>

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