Wrapping long pathnames in narrow fields

Mark Stuart mstuart at adaptcrm.com
Thu Apr 2 17:29:06 EDT 2009

Written by Terry Judd on Thu Apr 2, 2009 - 4:19 PM CDT


How do people deal with displaying long pathnames in Rev fields that

wide enough to display the entire string in one line? Is there any

other than iteratively testing the formatted width of substrings and

inserting returns?



Hi Terry,

If the stack is an interactive stack, in other words if the user can
park in fields, etc., then you could:

1) set the tooltip of fld "PathName" to (the text of fld "PathName")


2) apply Geometry to the "PathName" field, so that it extends to the
right upon resizing the stack, which will display more of the text in
the field.


HTH you,

Mark Stuart


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