Creating complex graphic objects

David Bovill david at
Thu Apr 2 09:52:04 EDT 2009

I've a couple of shapes that I need to create for an app that lend
themselves to the use of the graphic control - because I want them at
various sizes and also because they use "markers" on a graphic shape. The
problems is the complexity of tweaking the points by hand. I know of
experiments importing geometry from apps like Illustrator - but was
wandering if anyone has any examples / a library of shapes or techniques to
make this easier?

For instance the shapes I need are "stars" - that I can dynamically colour.
By roughly drawing a star and then:

set the editmode of the selectedobject to "polygon"

I can tweak the shape manually which helps a lot.

 But when it comes to more complex structures it would be good to draw them
in illustrator and import the geometry.

For instance - I also want to create circles with variable numbers of evenly
spaced marker points(iIdeally the arcs would have arrows on them to indicate
a clockwise flow). It would be "nice" not to have to create these as images
at different scales and import them from an external app - but AFAIK its not
really practical at the moment. Any suggestions?

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