Object Reference in Variable?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Fri Sep 26 13:20:53 EDT 2008

Bonsoir Richard,

I'm sure we are on the same page :-)

In a previous post, you asked me what I thought about Win ribbons and  
I did not reply :-(
Probably should we discuss about this off list but, here are my first  
Actually, ribbons seem to be a kind of 'visual' contextual menus eg  
buttons dedicated to appropriate tasks in a given context.
If it sounds good from a technocratic point of view, I'm afraid that  
users who need to 'recognize' an interface, are finally confused when  
all change because you have bolded a word :-)
So, at first sight, a good idea but, from a cognitive psychology  
point of view :-) I'm not sure it's so good.
In addition, I don't like software that claim every minute 'I'm  
clever' but I prefer software that make the user claim 'Finally I'm  
really good' :-)
 From a cognitive psychology point of view :-)
Sure you understand...

Le 26 sept. 08 à 18:28, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> Eric Chatonet wrote:
>> As I said in a previous post, it seems that you *must* require or  
>> set  a property.
>> In your example you don't get or set a property.
> Correct:  in the first example from my earlier post, that's true.
> But in the post you quoted we seem to be on the same page:
>>> It seems the "get" and "set" commands for properties are the   
>>> unambiguous ones, and attempting to use chunk expressions with   
>>> other commands (such as "delete") cause them to operate on the   
>>> string which is the object reference, rather than the contents  
>>> of  the referenced object.
>>> So you could write instead:
>>>   get the text of tField
>>>   delete line 2 of it
>>>   set the text of tField to it
> -- 
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Managing Editor, revJournal

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