Rev 3 (Media) unusable; forced to go back to 2.9 ;-<

Dom mcdomi at
Wed Sep 24 11:35:48 EDT 2008

A sequel to "A bug in the Revo 3 script editor?"...

Trying again to work on rev-based diary...
after peeking with success into 2 ou scripts, I went into --again!-- the
sePrefGet bug!!!

this time, I avoided the "Browser"... with no luck
I tried to peek into the offending scripts, only to see that
"commenting" the line which caused the bug did nothing, except to go
further, from "sePrefGet" to "sePrefSet" and other "setCurrentTab" and
also "seGetPlatform()"...

Rev Media 3.0.0 Revision A
Build 750

No recipe, though... only opening 2 ou 3 scripts "et voilà" !

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