Rev on iPhone/iPod Touch ??

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Tue Sep 23 12:24:43 CDT 2008


Stacks will not run natively on the iPhone with any version of the Rev  
player. This is because most of the controls on the iPhone are not  
compatible with the controls in Revolution. This means that buttons,  
fields, images, players, etc. will not port over. The code might since  
that is just text until compiled. The player/IDE would need to provide  
a set of controls 'specific' to the iPhone and stacks would have to  
adhere to these. So any old stacks would need to be rewritten.


Tom McGrath

On Sep 23, 2008, at 11:24 AM, François Chaplais wrote:

> There have been stories on the web of the difficulty of publishing  
> an application on Apple's App Store for the iPhone. Getting paid is  
> another story.
> Here I think revolution can have an original position: if a stack  
> runner/player is made available on the iPhone (for free or for a  
> small price) then revolution developers (who, remember, have paid  
> their fee to develop with rev) could make their stack available on  
> the internet (free or paid for), then have it downloaded by wifi  
> (for instance) to the iPhone/iPod Touch ("à la" air shairing) and  
> use it on the phone. The download could be implemented inside the  
> Stack Player app.
> The developers would short circuit Apple's certification process:  
> you download a file, and not an executable.
> What do you think of this business model?
> And is the stack player implementable considering Apple's possible  
> restrictions?
> Best regards,
> 	François

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