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David Bovill david at
Tue Sep 23 09:19:38 EDT 2008

Just taken a quick look - doesn't look much more than what you'd get with a
blog and a post rating system - or am I wrong? It work OK but the forum /
blog posing metaphor doesn't help much as the thing scales - even with
keywords (which IMO are probably the most important navigation if you can
get people to use them). My take is that these things help - but you must
have a good contents / visual navigation system, and you have to make the
keywords work.

I'm currently fitting in building these elements into an open source code
resource for Rev built around Trac and subversion, with a WordPress blog. I
do this in my spare time, and it's not a commercial effort, so any community
element is wellcome. These web sites integrate with native Rev interfaces,
in particular the Script Editor and dictionary. The part I am working on now
is the visual navigation, and semi-automatic keyword generation - the domain
is simply <>. Once this is done I plan
to upload the content, which are largely open source code libraries and
documentation. The content currently up there is dummy content. The aim is
to build the documentation and collaboration elelment as closely as possible
into the Rev worksflow of scripting. Current time plan is to lauch the sites
and plugins for Xmas / New Year, but this will depend on how busy I get with
freelance work, or who else chips in :)

2008/9/16 Alex Tweedly <alex at>

> I saw on slashdot a link (
> ) to Joel on
> Software's announcement of a new web site for Q&A on programming. The site
> itself ( ) looks interesting, and it just might
> be a good place to ask (and answer) questions about Rev, assuming the
> collaborative editing and voting system works well.
> Anyone think we should try it out ?
> What tag should we use ... Revolution ?  Transcript ?
> -- Alex.
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