Dealing with large numbers

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Sep 18 14:26:27 CDT 2008


Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 11:09:45 AM, you wrote:

> So, you take each digit, perform the operation, and move to the next
> one, just like when you're doing it by hand.

Thanks - that's what I ended up doing. I find it more than a little
annoying that the engine doesn't give me a warning on an integer
overflow, but happily gives me the wrong answer. More annoying is the
fact that I put an "answer the result" step in there to see if an
error message was returned, and the result *has the right sum*. But if
I store it in a variable the variable has the wrong one. Anyway, I've
got something that works for me now, I just have to do long addition
by hand.

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