OS9 standalone builds

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Sep 18 13:40:16 CDT 2008

Jeff Reynolds wrote:

> is the classic build going to be frozen at 2.6.1 for good now?
> i still have to create mac classic stanalones for the school cdroms as  
> its still a significant market in the elementary schools still holding  
> onto older macs and not going to osx with them...
> I have not been working on these cdroms for the last 6 months, but  
> will need to be upgrading some old ones and creating new grade levels  
> of others and wondering if its ok to move the software line to 3.0  
> from 2.6.1 at this time or wait. i purposely froze these projects on  
> 2.6.1 to keep compatibility for building classic standalones. our  
> mulitmedia cdroms are pretty simple and seem to be very happy  
> currently with 2.6.1 builds on mac and pc, but am aware we may be just  
> new system version away from that being true at any point here...

The nice thing about supporting Classic is that it's frozen in time, 
just like the Rev engine for it appears to be.  Apple isn't likely to do 
anything more for Classic, so the Rev 2.6.1 is expected to run as long 
as your hardware holds out.

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